Thank YOU!

To all those who helped make PotterVilla Pastures’ summer a success this year–Thank You!  We appreciate your continued support this year as we work to provide you with quality Pastured products–like the spectacular broilers that averaged almost 7lbs this year!

As the summer winds down on this Labor Day Holiday weekend, we here at PotterVilla Pastures are thankful for the many ways God has blessed this summer and are looking forward to what He has in store for this fall.

One thing on the horizon sometime in November is PotterVilla Pastured Pork availability!  These porkers are currently spending the hot days lounging in their mud wallows, romping around and eating, eating, eating!  If you haven’t had a chance to sink your teeth into some real pork since great-grandpa quite raising hogs, this is your opportunity.  We are still taking orders for this fall–see the form on the sidebar for more information.