Chicken Pick-Up Day

Well it is suddenly that time of year again!  Summertime is once again here and flying by with a determined and steady speed which seem only to increase with the passing of every year.

The baby animals have arrived and are doing their part to keep up with the passing days by growing as fast as they can.  Lambs frolic in the pasture, pigs seek out the cool mud wallows, and the chickens are filling out nicely.

We are planning our first Chicken Pick-Up Day for 2014 on Friday June 27th.  Your pre-ordered birds will be available for pick up between 1pm and 5pm.  The birds will be shrink bagged and chilling as usual so please remember to bring your coolers to transport them home.

If you haven’t placed an order yet, we do still have a very limited number of birds left.  Contact us soon!


Looking forward to seeing you all there!