Introducing Premium Pork Packages

PotterVilla Pastures is pleased to introduce our new Premium Pork Packages!  These preselected assortments feature the best of PotterVilla’s pork in a smaller quantity for those who appreciate quality meat, but don’t need or want a whole or half hog.

Breakfast Bargain : 3lbs Bacon; 5 lbs Sausage; 2 Ham slices

Simple Sampler:    1 Ham (4-6lb)  or Fresh Roast; 4 Pork Chops; 1 lb Bacon; 3 lbs Sausage

Super Selection:    1 Ham (4-6lb); 1 Fresh Roast; 8 Pork Chops; 2lbs Bacon; 5 lbs Sausage

Dinner Deal: 1 Ham (4-6lb); 2 Ham Slices; 2 Fresh Roasts

Taste for Two: 2 Ham Slices; 2 Pork Chops; 2 lbs Sausage; 1 lb Bacon

 (For pricing information view the form using this link or the one on the sidebar)


These packages will be available starting Feb 15th until we are sold out.  Pre-order now using the link on the sidebar to reserve your favorite cuts!





Special order custom packages may be available upon request–contact us for more information. Some restrictions, exclusions or pricing changes may apply.