Spring 2015 News from the Grasslands…..

As we experience the annual January thaw and the mud leads us to think of warmer dryer days, it is the perfect time to start thinking ahead about placing your orders for PotterVilla Pastures’ Premium meat products!

The 2015 spring edition of News from the Grasslands is in the mail so if you have purchased one of our products before you should be getting print copy soon. ¬†(If you’d like to read the online version just follow the link on the sidebar!)

In Brief:

*We are planning to continue our expanded batches of Pastured Poultry

*Pork prices are still starting at $2.75/lb hanging weight

*Our Premium Pork Packages are now 10% off for a limited time

*We have a new product survey on the sidebar


With the new year, we are looking forward to new plans and opportunities and also eagerly anticipate¬†providing your families with Pastures’ Products you can feel good about eating!