Spring 2016 News from the Grasslands….

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PotterVilla Pastures Spring 2016 News Letter

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Dear Friends and Valued Customers,

You know it might be a mixed up mid-Michigan winter when it takes until the end of February to finally
get around to “beginning to look a lot like Christmas!” With the recent snow storms after an extremely
mild and unusual “winter,” we nearly forgot that Christmas was in fact past—and actually did slip up and
forget that January is a better time to get the annual Spring Newsletter out! Spring must be launching a
sneak attack this year—nothing like a couple of feet of snowfall after a green and brown (and very
muddy) winter to make you forget that it’s actually springtime…

It has been a busy fall and winter here on the Pastures as we’ve worked to get all the animals safely
moved and housed at the new property as that rehabilitation project continues. With much help from
family and friends, and by God’s blessing, we were able to relocate all the animals by the end of last year
and are looking forward to a lot of fencing project this spring to expand their pastures.

In some ways though, the mild winter has been welcome with spring coming early to the lambing barn—
so far we have had 6 ewes lamb and not a single one of fifteen lambs lost! We have also now had two
healthy litters of pigs and another sow is due soon. God is good!

Once again this year we are planning for three batches of Broiler Chickens for the months of June, July
and August. Prices this year remain steady at $3.25/lb, with last year’s birds averaging close to 6lbs. If
you’ve never tried our poultry before ask how you can get a free sample—we think it’s the best local
chicken you can get!

Our Premium Pork continues to get rave customer reviews too—we would love to help you experience
the best in Bacon this year! We are pleased to again offer these label defying porkers by the half and
whole; pork is available in fall and winter months to complement natural growing cycles. Prices this year
for Premium Pork will also remain the same at $2.75/lb hanging for whole pig orders, and $2.85/lb
hanging for half pig orders which includes the cost for most processing options.

Also this fall Homegrown Lamb will be available, but we will need to know soon if you would like us to
save one for you—most of our lambs are sold as feeders and we only finish out what we have orders for
ahead of time. Lamb prices will also stay the same this year at $3.95/lb, however please remember that
this price does not include processing fees.

We once again look forward to sharing the fruits of our labor with you in the coming year as God
continues to bless them.

Matthew Potter—PotterVilla Pastures

PotterVilla Pastures’ Homegrown Lamb

PotterVilla Pastures is now offering Homegrown Lamb!

This is the meat for those looking for the best and leanest meat available.  Raised on pasture and quality hay, these lambs have had thier diet supplimented with small amounts of a specially formulated sheep ration to ensure they recive the nutrinets and minerals to make them grow up healthy!

Our lamb is priced at $2.90 per pound hanging weight for the spring of 2013.  Please note that this price does not include the cost of processing, which will be the responsibility of the customer.  We will be happy to work with you to select a processor and help you make the necessary arraingments.

Also available: ewe lambs–are you ready to start your own flock?  Prices vary, please contact us for further information.