A New Idea

With the many changes this past year there have been many new opportunities–one of which is the rehabilitation of a 8 1/2 acre farmstead to be! While it will be a long term challenge to get the placed cleaned up and returned to a useful state, with the additional room and potential to spread out our creative juices have been flowing! Which leads to a new idea….

There has been a resurgence of interest recently in one of a farm boy’s favorite olden days pastime–Rabbits. Although the lads of bygone eras were more apt to call out the hounds and fetch along shotguns to pursue the wild cottontails and hares, there now seems to be a developing market for the domesticated version of genus Leporidea. So with the renewal of interest in cuniculture we here at PotterVilla Pastures are wondering if there are any of our current customers that might be interested in Pastured Rabbit?

We’ve added a new area on the sidebar for Surveys–if you’d take a moment to click the link and fill out the survey on rabbit we’d surely appreciate it!