PotterVilla Pastured Poultry

Now is the time to be thinking about stocking your freezer with delicious juicy chicken this summer.  With the spring season only a little ways off, PotterVilla Pastures is taking orders for 2013 broilers!

These birds are raised to a large broiler size (usually 4-7lbs) out on the pasture–the antithesis of factory farm produced grocery store chicken.  With grass under foot and plenty of room these chickens live the good life.  Low stress with plenty of natural protein and nutrients coupled with a specially formulated broiler ration lead to a healthy, happy chicken; which equals plenty of good eating for you and your family!

This year the price is $3.20 per pound.  If you preorder your birds, before the tenth of February however, you will qualify for a $2 per bird discount!

Chickens are picked up from our homestead on butchering days.  We will be sure to let you know when your bird will be ready to pick up.  Please plan to come between the specified hours on the date indicated, if you aren’t able to come on the butchering day please let us know as far in advance as possible.  Since the meat needs to be kept cool please also bring your coolers!

For the best tasting chicken fresh from the farm, follow the link to the order form in our side bar.