Oh, So Good…

When was the last time you had a grilled pork chop so good, you almost thought it was a T-bone steak?

Raised outside with room to romp and root, the pigs that end up as PotterVilla Pastured Pork are a better class.  While most bacon is raised on commercial confinement farms in cramped quarters, on concrete floors, our pigs have a more natural life—the proof is in the pork!

We work with smaller first class processing businesses that have world class service and attention to detail.  Try getting that kind of commitment from the big city supermarket!  With many options for processing we can make sure you get the meat you like cut and processed the way you like it.

The price this year will be $2.70/lb hanging weight, and includes all processing, smoking, and free delivery to the Charlotte area.  For more information on processing options check out this website: www.jeromecountrymarketllc.com

For better flavor, for better quality, for better service, give PotterVilla Pastured Pork a try this fall!

PotterVilla Pastured Pork—Just Better.

Quantities are limited so place your order now for a freezer full of high quality meat this fall.

For more information contact:

Matthew Potter

PotterVilla Pastures